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With our increasingly busy life style it is very difficult to maintain the work life balance and there is very little time left to look after ourselves.
Thanks to SureScan Women’s Health clinic where all services of well woman check is offered in one consultation by our one of the dedicated consultant gynaecologists. It is worth remembering health is always more precious than the time. This service is for women of all age group from adolescence to postmenopausal women. This service provides peace of mind with general gynaecology health check-up.

Who is it for?
From adolescence to postmenopausal age (Women of all age group)

How Often?
Every year

What is included?

  • Well Woman Check – Basic
  • Consultation for 30 Min
  • Abdominal and Pelvic Examination
  • Blood Pressure and BMI check
  • Blood tests – Haemoglobin, thyroid test, Vitamin D levels, kidney and liver function tests
  • Cervical Smear including HPV test
  • Swabs for STI Screening
  • Advice on Sexual Health and Contraception

Fees: 300

Well Woman Check – Advanced

All Above +
Pelvic Ultrasound Scan
Ca125 for ovarian screen (Over 40 yrs)
Advice on HRT for menopause women

Fees: 500