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Are fertility apps actually useful?

These days, you can find smartphone apps for just about everything, including fertility. For couples who are struggling to conceive, fertility apps are designed to help boost their chances by revealing when the woman is at her most fertile. However, do these apps actually work? Here, we’ll explore fertility apps and what studies have so […]

New study finds complicated friendships can make the menopause worse

The menopause can be tough at the best of times, but did you know complicated friendships could actually make it worse? A new study has revealed that menopausal women who are dealing with stressful friendships, experience exacerbated symptoms. Here, we’ll look at what the study revealed and why it might be time to wave goodbye […]

Cause of endometriosis discovered, hopefully paving the way for a cure

Scientists have made an exciting new discovery in relation to the cause of endometriosis. Up until now, the exact cause of the condition has been relatively unknown. This had made it difficult for experts to develop a cure to help those with the condition. Now, with this new potential cause identified, scientists are hopeful that […]

Air pollution could trigger early menopause

A new study has identified air pollution as a potential trigger for early menopause. It was also discovered that air pollution can increase the risk of cardiovascular conditions and cancer. The study, published in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, was presented at the annual European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology meeting. […]

Male fertility drastically drops in your 50s study shows

A new study has revealed that male fertility drastically drops once you’re in your 50s. Researchers in the UK discovered that men’s chances of having a baby via IVF when they are in their 50s drops by a third compared to men in their mid-thirties. The study also revealed that not only does fertility drop […]

Breakthrough into causes of endometriosis hopefully near

Scientists working towards a better understanding of endometriosis have recently reported progress into the potential causes of the condition. As of yet, there is no cure for this painful, chronic condition. It is also unknown why it occurs in some women and not others. Those who do suffer with it, report excruciating pain, often requiring […]

Scottish National Parliament debate workplace training for menopause

A new initiative from the Scottish National Parliament (SNP), could soon see employees being provided with menopause training. Plans to introduce the initiative come after a recent survey from the SNP discovered almost a third of respondents felt the menopause was treated negatively, or as a joke within the workplace. While some women don’t experience […]

Is testing for Down’s Syndrome in pregnancy safe?

Advancements in technology over the years has made it easier for practitioners to test for chromosomal abnormalities. Conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Patau’s Syndrome and Edwards’ Syndrome can be picked up on pretty early thanks to advanced screening techniques. The question is, are these tests in pregnancy safe for you and baby? Here, you’ll discover […]