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Trying For a Baby? Our Top Tips On Boosting Your Fertility

If you’re trying for a baby – or if you think you might be soon, you will want to do everything you can to improve your chances of success. In light of the current pandemic, you might not want to risk a trip to the doctor for advice. So to help you, we’ve come up […]

Government Launches Women’s Health Strategy

Much has been made in the media recently of the so-called ‘gender health gap’. Both medical professionals and members of the public believe that women’s health has long been neglected. Taking note of this growing discontent, the government plans to launch a new ‘Women’s Health Strategy’. The aim is to equalise healthcare for men and […]

Why Are Smear Tests So Important?

Smear tests, like so many other ‘routine’ checks and treatments, have been somewhat swept under the carpet over the past year. Of course, it’s understandable, given the wider context of a global pandemic, but should we take this to mean that smear tests don’t really matter? Short answer: NO Without wanting to resort to hyperbole, […]

How Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Your Fertility

We all know the value of a good night’s sleep. Particularly in these trying times, a full eight hours can be the difference between a bearable day and one where you’re fighting to keep your head above water. But did you know that sleep can also have an impact on your fertility? Sleep and hormones […]

What Impact Is Lockdown Having On Women’s Health?

In a recent Guardian article, Baroness Tanni Grey Thomson raised the issue of the unprecedented pressure on women’s health caused by the latest lockdown. Teaming up with Kate Dale, the campaign lead for This Girl Can, Grey Thomson was mainly focusing on the loss of exercise. But are there other ways that female health has […]

Ambassador Supermodel Says Let’s Talk About Periods

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova might be best known for her work on the catwalk, but she’s also a passionate advocate for human rights. She has now been named by the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA as its latest Goodwill Ambassador. Ms Vodianova’s aim in the role is to ‘culturally redefine menstruation’ as a normal […]

Am I Perimenopausal?

Once you reach a certain age, it is tempting to see everything as a sign that you are perimenopausal. But what are the signs you should really be looking out for? Changes to your menstrual cycle It might seem obvious, but changes to the frequency or duration of your period is often the first sign […]

Will The Covid-19 Vaccine Affect My Fertility?

There is no doubt that for many of us the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is wonderful news. Bringing us that much closer to a time when we can get together again with friends and family. But there are people who do have some concerns. Fertility matters When you are trying for a baby, it is natural […]

When Is It Time To Get A Fertility Check?

There are many different reasons for seeking a fertility check. It may be that you have been trying for a baby and are worried that it is taking too long. Or perhaps you just want reassurance about your fertility status for future reference. In this post, we will be looking at what a fertility check […]

New COVID Rules Allow Birthing Partners

Pregnant women will welcome new guidance from NHS England, released in December. There is a change in the COVID-19 restrictions that have prevented birthing partners from attending any pre-natal appointments. What are the current restrictions? Since March, depending on the NHS trust, partners have been unable to accompany expectant mothers to maternity appointments. This includes […]