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Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: what to expect

If you have been diagnosed as having a high-risk pregnancy, you may have been recommended to undergo the standard amniocentesis test. One of the most widely used tests to detect chromosomal abnormalities, amniocentesis involves taking samples from the amniotic fluid which surrounds baby in the womb. However, as it poses a small risk of a […]

Late stage ultrasound scans could prevent unnecessary C-sections

A new study has revealed that thousands of caesarean sections could be prevented if women are given a late stage ultrasound scan. The University of East Anglia and the Cambridge University carried out a trial, which revealed approximately 4000 C-section procedures could be potentially prevented each year. The research was largely carried out to help […]

UK search for women who had first ever pregnancy ultrasound scans

An exhibition in Glasgow is set to take place in order to celebrate the city’s role in the development of obstetric ultrasounds. Organisers of the event are searching for women who underwent the first ever ultrasound scans in the 1960s. The women will be able to share their experience on camera and the event will […]

Calls for DIY smear tests to combat low take-up of cervical cancer screening

As in-clinic cervical cancer screening hits a 20-year low, experts are claiming DIY smear tests could be the answer. Giving patients the option to carry out a home-based cervical screening test, it eliminates the anxiety and fear which is said to be the leading reason patients avoid their routine smear appointments. A pilot scheme will […]

Public Health England launches its Cervical Screening Saves Lives Campaign

A new Cervical Screening Saves Lives campaign has been launched by Public Health England. The campaign is encouraging more women to attend cervical screening tests, as recent research shows up to 83% of cervical cancer cases could have been prevented if caught earlier. It is estimated that around 2,600 women within England are diagnosed with […]

Genetic testing improves diagnosis of abnormalities picked up by ultrasound pregnancy scans

New research has revealed that genetic testing can improve the diagnosis of abnormalities in baby’s detected during ultrasound pregnancy scans. Published in the Lancet, the research was carried out in a collaborative effort by the University of Birmingham, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Wellcome Sanger Institute, and the University of Cambridge. Below, we’ll delve into […]

Some UK hospitals no longer revealing baby’s gender at pregnancy scans

Some hospitals across Scotland have decided they will no longer reveal the baby’s gender at routine pregnancy scans. For decades, women have been able to determine whether they are having a boy or a girl at the standard 20-week scan. So, why are some hospitals choosing to stop revealing gender? Here, we’ll look at the […]

March is Ovarian Cancer Month: do you know the symptoms?

Here in the UK, over 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year and it’s the sixth most common cancer affecting women. If a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the early stages then she has a 70% chance of survival, but unfortunately, the disease is still often detected once it has become […]