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Menopausal anxiety and forgetfulness linked to low oestrogen levels

There are a lot of unpleasant side effects associated with the menopause, and anxiety and forgetfulness are just two of them. These menopause symptoms have long been affecting menopausal women and they can be really difficult to deal with. Now, a new study carried out on rats has revealed that these nasty side effects could […]

New method for checking baby’s heartbeat in the womb developed

A UK university has developed a new method for checking baby’s heartbeat in the womb. Designed to take away the stress and provide a more accurate result, this new method can even be used in the patient’s home, rather than having to go into hospital. So, what is this new method and how will it […]

Early diagnosis is essential for reducing placenta complications

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), has updated its guidelines to suggest that early diagnosis is essential for reducing placenta complications. Conditions such as placenta accrete and placenta praevia are often only diagnosed upon delivery, increasing the risk of neonatal and maternal mortality and morbidity. Both conditions have become a lot more common […]

Artificial intelligence could be used to boost IVF success rate

A new machine has been developed could be used to boost the IVF success rate up to a staggering 85%. Capable of identifying embryos which are more likely to lead to a live birth, the machine could potentially spare couples the distress and agony of stillbirths and miscarriages commonly experienced during the fertility treatment. Here, […]

Am I there yet? The menopause journey

The menopause is something no woman likes to think about. While it typically occurs in women over the age of 50, it can also present early for many patients, sometimes even in their early 20s. Prior to entering the menopause, it’s common for women to experience symptoms, sometimes many years before the actual menopause kicks […]

What to expect from a fertility health check

If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant, a fertility health check can prove invaluable at diagnosing the issue. While it’s common for couples to try for at least a year before they conceive, if you’re still trying to get pregnant after a year it could be a sign that something is amiss. Going for a […]

NHS to offer non-invasive prenatal test but possibly ban gender reveal

The NHS is set to offer a new non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) which will help with the early identification of genetic abnormalities. Given at just ten weeks into the pregnancy, the simple blood test is also able to identify the sex of the baby. However, experts are calling for the early gender reveal to be […]

New infertility device developed

A new device which is capable of potentially spotting infertility has been developed by fertility specialists from the University of Southampton. Roughly equal to the size of a 5p coin, the device monitors the temperature, oxygen and pH levels within the womb. Their goal is to identify what a healthy womb environment looks like and […]

UK pregnancy scan study shows how our brains develop

A revolutionary new brain-scanning project is now underway to see just how our brains develop. Scientists from the Developing Human Connectome Project (DHCP), are scanning the brains of 1,000 sleeping newborns and are hoping the results will help to understand the beginning of neurological disorders. The study, which is set to continue over the next […]

Could your baby’s heartbeat predict their sex?

There are a lot of old wife’s tales surrounding the predictability of a baby’s sex. Some appear logical, while others are downright bizarre. One particular method of predicting baby’s sex is listening to the rate of baby’s heartbeat. While there’s no research to back up this theory, could a baby’s heartbeat really predict their sex? […]