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Time limit on frozen eggs should be changed, fertility experts argue

Fertility campaigners and experts are placing pressure onto the government to change the time limit on how long women can store their frozen eggs. As it stands, women who choose to freeze their eggs for social reasons can store them for a maximum of ten years. After that, the eggs are required to be destroyed […]

Could new fertility app improve chances of conception?

For many couples, trying to conceive can prove to be a stressful and frustrating process. Contrary to popular belief, it can actually take up to a year to fall pregnant. However, there are tools out there which can help make conceiving that little bit easier. A new fertility app promising to improve the chances of […]

Why You Might Need a Gynaecological Scan

Let’s face it, undergoing a gynaecological exam isn’t something you’d consider to be a fun experience! However, they can prove extremely useful at diagnosing potential issues early, including fertility and health problems. Here, we’ll look at what a gynaecological exam consists of and why you might need one. What is a gynaecological exam? A gynaecological […]

The problem of male fertility

When it comes to fertility treatment, the main focus is usually placed upon the woman. However, the reality is that over half of the troubles couples have when it comes to conceiving, lie with the man. It has been well documented in recent years that sperm counts are dramatically falling, and men can suffer just […]

Sperm Analysis: What to Expect

Recent studies have revealed that male infertility accounts for more than half of the fertility issues experienced by couples trying to conceive. Therefore, if you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success, sperm analysis may prove useful in identifying the issue. Understandably, it can be daunting going […]

Early menopause not related to amount of exercise you do

A new study has revealed that the onset of early menopause isn’t related to the amount of exercise you do. The study, published within the Human Reproduction journal, is the largest of its kind to answer the question of whether or not physical activity is a risk factor for the menopause. Here, we’ll look at […]

New male fertility test devised

Androvia LifeSciences has developed a brand-new test which is capable of measuring male infertility. Up until now, current methods have been unable to explain over half of male infertility cases. So, could this new test prove evolutionary in the detection of male fertility troubles? Here, we’ll look at how the new test works and why […]

Menopausal anxiety and forgetfulness linked to low oestrogen levels

There are a lot of unpleasant side effects associated with the menopause, and anxiety and forgetfulness are just two of them. These menopause symptoms have long been affecting menopausal women and they can be really difficult to deal with. Now, a new study carried out on rats has revealed that these nasty side effects could […]

New method for checking baby’s heartbeat in the womb developed

A UK university has developed a new method for checking baby’s heartbeat in the womb. Designed to take away the stress and provide a more accurate result, this new method can even be used in the patient’s home, rather than having to go into hospital. So, what is this new method and how will it […]