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Fertility And The COVID Vaccine

Concerns have been raised in young people over the possible negative effects related to fertility and the COVID vaccine. They are worried about the impact on their menstrual cycles, reproductive health and ability to conceive. But are these concerns well-founded? Especially when they could be putting themselves at greater risk of becoming seriously unwell from […]

Three Common Causes Of Heavy Periods

Periods. Every woman has them, but everyone’s experience is slightly different. Some of us get a bit of light spotting every three weeks, whilst some of us experience very heavy periods. Sometimes women are in so much pain that they can’t even get out of bed. Others have no pain but are angry at the […]

Sexual Health Screening – Why It Matters

Since lockdown restrictions have eased, dating apps like Tinder are experiencing a sudden boom in popularity. Experts are even dubbing this summer the new ‘summer of love’! We’ve all felt the lack of physical contact over the past eighteen months. And whilst it’s fantastic that singles are able to get out and start dating again, […]

How To Boost Your Chances Of Success On IVF

Whether you are undergoing treatment privately, or through the NHS, IVF treatment is not a decision you will have taken lightly. And you will want to do everything within your power to improve your chances of success on IVF. Just as with natural conception, there is no failsafe way to ensure your success on IVF. […]

Four Main Symptoms Of Menopause – Women Are Ignoring

A recent survey conducted amongst women aged between 40 and 65 in the US revealed that a majority of them were relatively uninformed about the menopause. In addition, even amongst those experiencing menopause symptoms, most had not considered seeking treatment. Forty-five per cent of the women surveyed didn’t know the difference between perimenopause and menopause. […]

New Study Claims To Identify Cause Of Recurrent Miscarriage

Anyone who has experienced recurrent miscarriage knows it is an emotional rollercoaster like no other. The surge of hope when you see that positive pregnancy test, followed by the agonising weeks waiting to see if this one will defy the odds and carry through to term. And the devastation when it doesn’t. To go through […]

Can Diet Help With Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a severe and painful condition affecting around one in ten women in the UK. It is sadly hugely underdiagnosed, with sufferers waiting an average of eight years to receive diagnosis and treatment. Endometriosis symptoms One reason for this delay is that some symptoms of endometriosis are similar to many other female health conditions. […]

How To Fit Sport Into Your Menstrual Cycle

With Adidas announcing the launch of their new ‘period proof’ sportswear, there is a new, heightened awareness of the impact that menstruation has on women in sport. Statistics show that one in four girls drop out of their chosen sport in their teenage years, with fear of leaking during their period given as a major […]

Early Menopause: Who Is At Risk?

Early menopause is becoming a more familiar term, with more women researching the condition online. Around five per cent of women are expected to be affected by early menopause. So it is understandable that women in their 30s and 40s are becoming increasingly concerned. If your family is complete, or you have no desire to […]

Strength Training And Fertility

Historically, it has always been assumed that if you are trying to conceive, as a woman, you should behave as though you are already pregnant: eating well, avoiding alcohol or smoking, getting lots of rest etc. So it stands to reason that if you are a woman who does a lot of high impact exercise, […]