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Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Week

This year, Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Week will take place on 14th to 20th June. Raising awareness about screening for cervical cancer is now more important than ever, as many thousands of women have missed routine smear tests during the pandemic. We all know that smear tests are not the most enjoyable experience. It might […]

The COVID Vaccine And Periods

As the COVID vaccine rollout continues apace, by now we all know someone who’s had a reaction to the jab. The potential side effects are all well documented, and unlikely to cause any long-term damage. When you attend your vaccination, you will be given a list of possible symptoms you might experience over the next […]

The Well Woman Clinic

This past year has been a strange one when it comes to our health. On the one hand we’ve all gone to great lengths to protect ourselves from Covid, but at the same time we’ve let many other issues slide. This might be because of government restrictions or because we’re frightened to enter a healthcare […]

Alcohol, Covid and Conception Difficulties

There’s no denying that women have shouldered much of the burden of this pandemic. While of course individual households vary, the overwhelming majority of mothers have felt that they were responsible for homeschooling. This was whilst also keeping up with household tasks, and simultaneously hold down a full-time job. Research has shown alcohol use among […]

Pain During Intercourse? Get It Checked!

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be a fun, intimate part of a loving relationship, and yet for some of us it can be painful. If you experience occasional pain during intercourse, the chances are it is nothing to worry about – perhaps you just aren’t quite as aroused as you could be, or you are […]

Products That ‘Cure Your Pelvic Floor’

We spoke last month about issues surrounding postpartum health and the workplace. One of the main issues that women struggle with after childbirth is urinary incontinence (UI). Sadly this isn’t usually a temporary problem that resolves itself a few months postpartum. We all know that we should be doing regular pelvic floor exercises before, during […]

Avoiding The Doctor? Symptoms Women Cannot Ignore

The gender health gap is real, and one sad result is that women are often reluctant to ‘bother’ their doctor with symptoms that they aren’t sure are definitely a problem. The Covid pandemic has exacerbated this, as of course we all want to avoid any unnecessary trips out. Not to mention overburdening the health service. […]

Postpartum Health And The Workplace

The topic of pregnancy and childbirth as related to the workplace can be a thorny one. Whilst there have been huge advances in provision for prenatal care, and the introduction of shared parental leave has gone some way to improve women’s options, the return to work after childbirth still proves very difficult for many women. […]

Trying For a Baby? Our Top Tips On Boosting Your Fertility

If you’re trying for a baby – or if you think you might be soon, you will want to do everything you can to improve your chances of success. In light of the current pandemic, you might not want to risk a trip to the doctor for advice. So to help you, we’ve come up […]

Government Launches Women’s Health Strategy

Much has been made in the media recently of the so-called ‘gender health gap’. Both medical professionals and members of the public believe that women’s health has long been neglected. Taking note of this growing discontent, the government plans to launch a new ‘Women’s Health Strategy’. The aim is to equalise healthcare for men and […]