Cancellation Policy

SureScan has a 24-hours notice cancellation policy. If you do not cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or do not attend on the day, SureScan reserve the right to charge the full fees.

Ultrasound Scans – Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Scan – Dating & Viability: £80 (Thursdays £65)
Gender/Sexing Scan (from 16 weeks of pregnancy): £60
Cervical Length Scan £100 (or £50 extra if done with any of the above scans)
Reassurance Scan: £100
Presentation Scan: £70

The charges include consultation for any early pregnancy problems and baby scan picture.

Early Pregnancy / Pre-Pregnancy Care

Β-HCG Pregnancy Blood Test: £75
Low Vaginal Swabs: £75
NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) from 9 weeks pregnancy: From £395 (Panorama or Harmony)
Pre-Pregnancy Optimisation Consultation: £150
Recurrent Miscarriage Consultation: £150
Recurrent Miscarriage Consultation with Scan: £200
Recurrent Miscarriage Investigations: From £300


Gynaecology Ultrasound Scan: £100
Gynaecology Consultation only: £150
Gynaecology Consultation with Ultrasound Scan: £240
Cervical Smear: £120 (HPV)
Cooper Coil Fitting: £100 + Price of Coil
Mirena Coil Fitting: £100+ Price of Coil
Cervical Polyp Removal: £125 + £100 for histopathology
Endometrial Biopsy: £125 + £100 for histopathology
Vulval Biopsy: £125 + £100 for histopathology


Fertility Health Check (Fertility MOT): From £225
Fertility Consultation: £150
Fertility Ultrasound Scans: £100 (3 scans for follicle tracking £240)
Endometrial Scratch: £125

Women’s Health Packages

Well Adolescence Check: £150
Well Women Check: From £250
Menopause Care (Pelvic Ultrasound Scan, Investigations and HRT Consultation): From £150
Sexual Health Screening: From £150

Gynaecology Cancer Screening

Cervical Smear: £125
Ovarian Cancer Screening (Pelvic scan + Ca125): £175